Hello World

Hi!  My name is Larry Reeder.   I’m a software development professional in the Denver, Colorado area.

A few years back, an online friend asked my why I didn’t start a blog.   I thought about it.  I was a big fan of writers like Jamie Zawinski and Joel Spolsky, but at the time I felt blogging was mostly a narcissistic endeavour, and didn’t feel like I had anything to add.

I still feel like it’s partly a narcissistic endeavour, but one of Jeff Atwood’s blog posts convinced me that blogging could also be a way to share hard-won knowledge about the craft of software development with the rest of the world.

So, here’s my small contribution to the software creator’s community, and a concession to personal narcissism.  I hope you find it useful, or at least entertaining.  If you do find it so (or think it’s useless and frustrating), drop me a note at lreeder@dev-garden.org.


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